The article substantiates the needs to increase the level of automation of methods and geodetic support of geometric parameters during the construction of buildings and structures. In particular, the method of alignment measurements is considered. This is widely used in determining deviations from the straightness and alignment of the installation of elements in engineering building structures, including hydraulic structures, as well as in the control of process equipment installations, rolling mills, conveyor lines, crane tracks, when monitoring precipitation. and deformations of techno objects. One of the methods of alignment measurements with the use of a visual-optical device – aliniometer and a sighting mark is considered; shortcomings of the instruments used, which are the reason for the low efficiency and effectiveness of the process of alignment measurements, are revealed. A comparative analysis of existing methods and means of gate measurements using various designs of instruments and electro-optical devices was carried out, as a result of which a design of a target mark and an electronic block diagram were developed using a liquid crystal indicator and mobile phones as a means of remote control and transmission of information in the measurement process. , which differs from analogues in small weight and size parameters, low energy consumption and cost, high efficiency and ease of use.

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